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Our Services
We offer a high quality service based on wide international experience and a network of contacts throughout the world.These services have been delivered and supported  in countries around the globe including: 

Hong Kong
South Korea
United Kingdom


A team of experienced associates is available to provide bespoke solutions and consultation in the fields of school management,personnel search,curriculum development,recruitment and university application advice. British independent school boarding and day RECRUITMENT of INTERNATIONAL students remains buoyant and is a major area of our work. .
We also offer IELTS based courses in English and British culture, delivered to students in their home countries, prior to coming to the United Kingdom for their education. We have a highly qualified team of teachers all with teaching in English independent schools experience working  with groups or individuals.There is currently an increasing demand for GCSE and GCE subject online teaching. 
All of our services are highly professional and discrete and led by Nigel Walkey who has many years of service in the education industry .We are focused on building a personal and long term relationship with you-our clients. 
Please use our 'contact us' to send an outline of your requirements.We will then get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps and how we might help you improve the quality of the education that you provide.
We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your plans and needs and for you to find out more about us.
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